The Navy unveiled active duty and reserve officer promotions for captains, commanders, lieutenant commanders and lieutenants earlier this month.

Some of the selection board results were delayed because of complications stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and are pending approval, the Navy said in a NAVADMIN released on Oct. 23.

For active-duty officers, the delays include the FY21 commander staff corps and the lieutenant commander line and staff corps board results. The lieutenant all-fully-qualified-officer list results were pending approval as of the preparation date of the administrative message, as were the FY21 chief warrant officer, W-5, W-4 and W-3 board results.

On the reserve side, the delayed announcements include the FY 21 lieutenant all-fully-qualified-officer list and the FY-21 chief warrant officer, W-5, W-4 and W-3, promotion selection board results.

That’s because in March, the Navy announced that promotion and selection boards were being postponed indefinitely due to concerns related to the pandemic. But the service announced in May that the boards would resume in July and that those selected for promotion would be assigned the original date of rank and receive any back pay and allowances.

The service also said that results from enlisted advancement boards would be announced within 30 days after the board convenes, while results from officer promotion boards would be unveiled approximately 100 days after.

Here are the recent results for officer promotions:

* FY 21 Active Duty Capt., Cmdr., Lt. Cmdr, and Lt. promotions

* FY 21 Reserve Capt., Cmdr., Lt. Cmdr, and Lt. promotions

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