The Navy has released the active duty advancement quotas for E-4 through E-6 for FY21, and there’s a lower likelihood of being promoted to those ranks this promotion cycle than during the spring cycle.

According to Navy Personnel Command, a total of 19,620 sailors are being considered for 5,824 E-4 spots — equating to a nearly 30 percent chance of being promoted. That’s a drop from the more than 36 percent chance of promotion and 6,745 spots during the spring advancement cycle.

Among current E-4s, there are a total of 33,118 sailors being considered for 5,637 E-5 spots. That translates to a promotion opprtunity of just over 17 percent this cycle, in comparison to the spring when there was a nearly 25 percent chance of being promoted. During the spring advancement cycle, there were a total of 8,711 E-5 spots available for promotion.

Additionally, there are 27,624 sailors being considered for just 3,029 E-6 spots, about an 11 percent chance E-5s being considered will be promoted. Those numbers are down slightly from the spring, when there was a more than 15 percent chance of being promoted to E-6. Additionally, there were a total of 4,165 spots available during the spring cycle.

Navy Personnel Command told Navy Times that the results would be released sometime before the Christmas holiday.

Here are the FY21 active duty E-4, E-5 and E-6 quotas

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