A T-45 Goshawk trainer aircraft crashed Tuesday in an empty field as it was approaching Naval Air Station Kingsville in Texas.

The pilot safely ejected, and there are no reported injuries due to the incident, according to Naval Air Station Kingsville. The crash occurred at approximately noon local time, and emergency personnel are on site.

No additional information was immediately provided.

There were at least four Class A mishaps involving T-45s last year, according to the Naval Safety Center. An investigation obtained by Navy Times found that a March 2021 crash was due to a mechanical failure involving a hydraulic system failure.

“This mishap was the result of a mechanical failure undetectable during normal flight operations, not due to pilot misconduct,” the investigation said. “No supervisory negligence or malpractice was causal to this mishap.”

Another crash in May 2021 involved two T-45s colliding in mid-air. Although one of the aircraft landed at Naval Air Station Kingsville, the other aircraft’s instructor and student ejected about nine miles south of the base and suffered minor injuries.

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