When fans of Yeti products heard the company that caters to people who enjoy the outdoors might be severing ties with the NRA, the reaction was ... intense.

Videos started popping up of people taking aim — literally — at their Yeti coolers and travel mugs.

It started when the National Rifle Association posted a memo on its website saying Yeti declined to do business with the NRA Foundation because they “no longer wish to be an NRA vendor.”

Yeti responded with a post on its Facebook page, saying the company was eliminating several outdated discounting programs with numerous organizations.

The post added that Yeti will offer an “alternative customization program” instead.

Then NRA supporters began uploading videos of them destroying their Yeti products.

Employees at Aegis Tactical, which offers firearms training, made their feelings clear.

Other people, however, didn’t take the news too seriously.

Whether you want to blow up your Yeti products or not, the videos are definitely entertaining. Tell us what you think!

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