The Navy unveiled promotion quotas for E-4, E-5, and E-6 sailors in the Selected Reserve — which give these sailors a greater chance of being promoted than last year.

Seamen looking to move up to petty officer third class are guaranteed they will get one of the 886 E-4 spots if they pass their advancement exam and meet other requirements. There is a 100% advancement opportunity, the same as last year.

There is a 79% advancement opportunity for third class petty officers hoping to add a chevron by moving into one of the 810 available slots. That’s a significant increase from the 56% advancement opportunity last year.

Meanwhile, second class petty officers have a 25 percent advancement opportunity into one of the 694 petty officer first class slots. Last year’s advancement opportunity was only 12% for E-6s.

Navy Personnel Command said it will release results next week.

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