The Navy has released active duty and full-time support advancement results for E-4, E-5 and E-6.

Navy Personnel Command shared the advancement quotas for the promotion cycle earlier this month. Among active-duty sailors, there was a 30 percent chance of being promoted to E-4, a 17 percent of being promoted to E-5, and an 11 percent chance of being promoted to E-6.

That means that there were a total of 19,620 sailors considered for 5,824 E-4 spots, 33,118 sailors considered for 5,637 E-5 spots and 27,624 sailors considered for 3,029 E-6 spots.

For full time support sailors, there was a 96 percent chance of making E-4, a nearly 26 percent chance of making E-5, and a 17 percent chance of making E-6. That’s 166 sailors considered for 160 E-4 spots, 543 sailors considered for 141 E-5 spots, and 930 sailors considered for 159 E-6 spots.

Active-duty results here

Full-time support results here

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