Pullups are hard, and pullups are cruel.

That’s the pullup-related hot take from this journalist, who struggles to bang out even half a handful of the things on his designated pull day at the gym.

Not so for Vice Adm. Doug Perry, the head of U.S. 2nd Fleet.

A Navy diver by trade, Perry, 57 (!), demonstrated his pullup prowess during the Navy’s Fleet Week in New York City in late May.

Look at this flag go.

That’s 19 pullups by our count, in his summer whites no less, and we’re more than willing to forgive Perry’s semi-struggles on the last few. Calorie-loving civilians like yours truly couldn’t bang out half of those.

For the “0...0...0″ Marines out there, Perry does appear to do a handful before he begins to lock his elbows out.

And sure enough, some pointed this out in the comments.

This three-star feat happened as Perry visited sailors and Marines in Times Square during Fleet Week on May 24, after he stopped by the Warrior Challenge area set up by fellow Navy divers and explosive ordnance disposal technicians.

“When they learned I was a Navy diver, the team in Times Square challenged me to see how many pullups I could do,” Perry said in a statement. “So I jumped up and gave them my best, as I’m committed to giving my best every day to our sailors.”

Perry added that staying in top shape is part of leadership.

“I start every day early with a workout,” he said. “Rain or shine, snow or heat, I hit the pavement past our fleet in Norfolk (Virginia) on the naval station for three to five miles, get in an early bike ride, or lift and stretch at the gym on base.”

He also shouted out the Navy divers and EOD techs, who do bonkers jobs.

“These tough professionals must perform physically demanding duties in a wide range of locations and climates...from the decks of an aircraft carrier to the depths of the oceans,” Perry said.

Will Perry hit the pullup bar again at next year’s Fleet Week? Only time will tell.

And to the fellow Navy leaders out there, from the lead petty officers to the admirals: Send us social media posts of your physical training stud-ness in action. If we get enough responses, we’ll assemble them for a follow-up article.

Email your best to geoffz@militarytimes.com.

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